share, buy, sell software

Dashboard is an online marketplace for software packages

Combined with a package hosting service to allow integration with version control and package managers, a must-have for modern application development.

Import your packages from your preferred repository host

Simply authorize to access your repositories and designate which to import.
  • GitHub
  • BitBucket
  • GitLab

Integrates with your stock standard package managers

Installation of your packages is easy and familiar and keeping up to date is just as simple.

  • Composer for PHP
  • NPM for Javascript
  • More to follow...

Powerful licencing and subscription system

Powered by Stripe, selling your software couldn't be simpler.
  • Subscription based billing
  • Trial periods
  • Private licences
  • Package and version constraints

Selling your software just became easy

With, selling your software is as easy as open source.
All you need is a Stripe account to begin selling software licences.
We directly integrate with your version control and the customers' package managers so both the sellers and buyers have the power to create maintainable software.

The catch?

We take a flat 3% service fee on the income which you earn from your licences. No monthly fees. Simple and fair.